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Integration Support

It is not only training and language skills , but also an ability to adapt in the country of destination that will determine whether or not the foreign posting is a success

BISIS for every expatriate: “a good basis when abroad”

For international employees and their families who are being relocated abroad, BISIS can be contacted in assisting them in settling in the new country.
Together with our partners we can provide information about the customs and culture of the country of destination, so that the family will settle easily and quickly becomes integrated into their new working and living environment.

intergratie ondersteuning

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Settle in to the Netherlands

If the country of destination is the Netherlands, our office in Eindhoven can help newcomers to settle.

The service consists of providing help in finding accommodation, providing information about the Dutch society as well as helping the family to find a new social network (doctor, dentist, nursing service, crèche/play group, sport/hobby clubs, language lessons, schools, shops etc.)

During the first meeting at our office a so-called ” Information Manual” is given, with extensive and detailed information on the Dutch society. After about 2 months a BISIS representative will visit the partner at home in order to investigate if the family is all right and if further support is needed.

BISIS continues to support the family throughout the stay abroad and in the Netherlands so that they will never be alone in this world of 7 billion people.


BISIS is active in all expat countries in the world!

At present we are supporting and advising

Austrian, British, French and German families in the U.S.A., Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, U.K., Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Brazil; Belgian families in the U.S.A., France, U.K. Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands, Italian families in the U.S.A., France, Singapore, the Netherlands; Danish families in Sweden, France, Switzerland, U.S.A. and the Netherlands; American families in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore; Brazilian families in Russia, the Netherlands, Singapore and the U.S.A.

And of course, several Dutch families around the world.



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