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Like THALES, IAK, ASML, NXP, ATOS and Lighting, BISIS used to be part of Philips.

BISIS was first set up in the early 1970s by the Personnel Department of Philips Eindhoven, under the name Bureau Begeleiding Buitenlanders (Foreigner Support Office). Its remit was to advise and support expatriates, impatriates and local foreign nationals.


The Philips Group’s Board of Directors designated the Bureau Begeleiding Buitenlanders as the first point of contact for internationally mobile employees on all matters relating to their children’s education and social support for the newly arrived family, i.e. helping them to build a social network in the new country.

The Philips International Club was called into being to organise all sorts of activities for new foreign employees and their families, particularly at weekends.

In the early 1990s, it became evident that a club of this nature was no longer needed, given the range of other activities now on offer in Eindhoven, many of which were internationally oriented.

It was at this stage, too, that a more fitting name was chosen for the Bureau Begeleiding Buitenlanders, namely BISIS (Bureau for Information and Support International Staff).

Increasing numbers of non-Philips companies started making use of BISIS’ expertise. This development led to the decision by Philips Personnel Department at the end of 1997 that it was time for BISIS to become independent.

BISIS as independent company

So on 1 January 1998, BISIS Consultancy in Eindhoven became an independent company specialising in providing advice on education to expatriates, i.e. families being seconded abroad from the Netherlands or returning to the Netherlands following a foreign secondment. BISIS also offers advice and support to the growing number of non-Dutch families whose children choose Dutch as a second language.

Companies paying for the children of their impatriates and local foreign nationals to attend international schools in the Netherlands can also count on expert advice, tailored to the specific needs of each foreign employee and his/her family.

As a means of helping to advance and support international education in the Netherlands, BISIS represents the interests of international businesses on the board of the Foundation for International Education in the Netherlands.

More and more multinational enterprises in the Netherlands and abroad are finding their way to BISIS for help with questions and problems relating to the international mobility of employees and their families.


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BISIS is active in all expat countries in the world!

At present we are supporting and advising

Austrian, British, French and German families in the U.S.A., Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, U.K., Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Brazil; Belgian families in the U.S.A., France, U.K. Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands, Italian families in the U.S.A., France, Singapore, the Netherlands; Danish families in Sweden, France, Switzerland, U.S.A. and the Netherlands; American families in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore; Brazilian families in Russia, the Netherlands, Singapore and the U.S.A.

And of course, several Dutch families around the world.